How to Choose Between Wired and Wireless 

How to Choose Between Wired and Wireless Accessories For The Phone

Technology is confidently moving forward and what was relevant yesterday is no longer useful today. Because it is created better, faster, better, will it be with wired mobile accessories? For years, smartphone users have complained about wires that get confused, fall prey to pets, restrict movement and break down. Mobile accessories manufacturers have heard complaints and have created wireless headphones, external batteries, and chargers. Will these new products replace the proven classics? Today, Forza Plus experts are testing and comparing wireless and wired phone accessories to tell you what’s best.


How to Choose Between Wired and Wireless 

What’s better for wireless or wired charging

What's better for wireless or wired charging

The zip charger works based on a magnetic field that produces electric current and transmits it to the smartphone. You can buy wireless charging with one or two coils. In the first case, you can charge only one smartphone; in the second – just two. Besides, if you use two coils in charging, the phone will be effectively charged anywhere on the platform. If the coil is one, the device must be placed in a clearly marked place. Otherwise, it will not be charged.

The main advantage of a wireless charger is the ability to charge a smartphone without a cable. No more poking the cable into the USB connector, loosening the contacts. If you need to answer the call urgently, you take the device from the platform and go to talk. With the cable, everything is a little more complicated – first, it needs to be turned off and only then go with the phone on their business. Wireless charging is suitable for all smartphones with a zi receiver. Android and ios can be charged together on the same platform. Very convenient for a family with different preferences because now the extension cord will not stick around a few cables to charge different phones. You also automatically get rid of the problem of non-working cables. When they overreact and stop working or become victims of the teeth of pets.

Wireless charging saves electronic devices from network outages. If a sharp jump in the network hits the technology with the wire, it will never happen with zi technology.

It would seem that everything is so welcome so that you can throw away wired charging. But, no. When you charge the device with a cable, you can continue to talk on the phone, watch TV series and correspond on social networks. You can’t use your smartphone wirelessly. Another important point is the classic charger, especially “Fast Charging,” charges much faster than wireless technology. If you only have 20 minutes to restore the life of the device, you only fit the cable. A wireless charger is a perfect solution if you’re charging your phone all night. When the battery is 100%, the device will automatically shut down.

Conclusion: Wireless chargers are easier to use, but they are slower.


What’s better, wired or wireless headphones

What's better, wired or wireless headphones

The main question of music lovers: does the lack of wires affect the sound quality? If you’re looking at headphones in the same price category, choose wired. If in front of you a wired version for 500 rubles and Bluetooth headphones for 10,000, then, of course, the latter will give the best sound.

Bluetooth technology limits the amount of sound data transmitted. If you take an expensive player with top-notch wired headphones, you will not want to listen to music on a smartphone with Bluetooth analog. But the truth of life is that 90% of people listen to music on social networks and watch videos on YouTube on public transport while jogging or playing sports in a fitness club. In this scenario, the sound quality of wired headphones is redundant, and the convenience of wireless technology is undeniable. Is it worth chasing the latest Bluetooth versions? The difference between the latest versions is not very noticeable. Simply Bluetooth 5.1 allows you to connect to one smartphone with several wireless speakers or headphones. When you consider that many new smartphones do not have a connector to connect wired headphones, the choice is obvious. The sound of wireless headphones is a good fit for the average user who listens to audiobooks and popular songs. At the same time, it will not be chained with wires.

Conclusion: Wired headphones do not need to be charged, they are cheaper and provide better sound quality, so Bluetooth models with all the conveniences can not yet displace them. But they often break because the wire gets confused, inflections, and stops signaling.


What’s better than a Wired or Wireless Power Bank

power bank

Wireless external battery is a help stick for active people who spend a lot of time on the phone outside the home. The difference from the wired analog is that there is no USB cable. You just put your smartphone on Power Bank, and it starts to charge automatically.

You don’t run the risk of loosening the connector or hooking the wire while walking. If your phone connector is still damaged and you can’t connect a USB cable, wireless technology will be a real lifeline for you. You do not have to spend on expensive repairs or, worse – to send the device for recycling. What can a wireless Power Bank do? With a capacity of 10,000 mAh, the external battery charges the 3,000 mAh battery in 90 minutes. And copes with this task 2 times without recharging from the network. Charging the phone’s battery capacity of 4000 mAh takes 2 hours. The first time the device will charge 100% and the second 70%.

Conclusion: Using a wired Power Bank, you can continue to use your smartphone.


What’s better than wired or wireless speakers

Bluetooth technology allowed you to take speakers to the cottage, the park, and the beach. It is not surprising that many music lovers are eager to give up wires and their home environment. But is it worth it?

Wireless speakers: Pros

  • Wireless – easy to connect
  • you can move around the house, take out to the terrace
  • the pet will never chew the wire, and the household will not cling to them with their feet
  • It’s easy to bring to nature to throw a party in the middle of the forest or beach
  • work where there is no outlet – you are no longer dependent on the power grid.

Wireless speakers: cons

  • Bluetooth sound quality can be worse than wired speakers, especially if portable acoustics are of poor quality
  • Bluetooth speakers with old technology can distort sound due to microwave and other wave signals
  • The price of high-quality portable acoustics is much higher than the wired counterparts.

Wired speakers: pros

  • Provide quality and reliable sound
  • this type of home acoustics rarely affect interference
  • turning off your Wi-Fi won’t stop your party
  • No need to charge; stick the plug in the socket and enjoy
  • The price of wired speakers is less than that of Bluetooth acoustics.

Conclusion: Wired speakers are limited to wires and work only near the outlet.

What to choose – wired or wireless mobile accessories – depends on your preferences and lifestyle. If you need freedom from wires, choose Bluetooth-technology gadgets. If charging speed and sound quality is a priority, stay with reliable and proven classics.

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