What to Do if You Spill on Your Laptop

What to Do if You Spill on Your Laptop

An overturned water bottle or cup of coffee is not always the verdict for a laptop. Act quickly, and you can save your computer.

If the laptop has been in the pool, river, bath, or took a shower, it is unlikely to help anything. This article can only be useful if there was little fluid and contact with it was short-lived.


6 Ways: What to Do if You Spill on Your Laptop

If your laptop is connected to the power grid, turn it off immediately

Pull the charging cable out of the socket and your computer, and then all the other cables attached to the laptop. Water and electricity are not the safest combinations for both technologies and you.


Turn the laptop over and off.

Turn the device upside down so that water that could get inside flows out. At the same time, press the power button and hold it until the screen goes out. This is the fastest way to turn off your device. Now is not the time to worry about unpreserved documents. The main thing is to stop the movement of electricity through the laptop’s insides to prevent short circuits.


Disable all devices

Disconnect all external devices from your laptop. Flash drives, memory cards, USB modem, even battery – all out! When a computer comes into contact with water, it can suffer and these accessories.


Wipe your laptop

Now completely wipe your laptop without turning it back. The cotton towel is ideal for this purpose: it absorbs any liquids perfectly. You can also use paper napkins.

If none of this is available, save the machine with everything that comes under your arm.

Pay special attention to the keyboard: the water easily flows under the keys. Don’t forget to wipe the ports and cooling holes.


Build a funny design

First, put the fan on the floor. Then cover it with a cardboard or plastic box and make large vents in its upper and sidewalls. Cover the box with a towel and put the laptop keyboard down on it. Turn on the fan for two days to make the device completely dry.

In order not to set a fire, do not leave the fan unattended for a long time. Please turn it off at night and when you leave the house.


Check the device in 48 hours.

If you can turn on your laptop in two days, copy important data to third-party media. The fact that the damage can not manifest itself immediately. Perhaps the consequences of contact with water will remind itself in a few days or even weeks, and the computer will fail. Hope for the best, but don’t relax.


What to do if coffee, wine, or tea got inside your laptop

Fluids with additives are more dangerous for the insides of a laptop than water. Coffee grounds, sugar, and other impurities in these drinks can clog and oxidize components, causing additional damage. After all, laptop keys can become sticky and even refuse to work.

To avoid problems, it is better to clean the laptop from the inside before drying. You can do it yourself by disassembling the machine and removing all the dirt with paper napkins or cotton swabs soaked in a small amount of alcohol. But remember that an independent showdown cancels the warranty.

The cases of different laptops can vary greatly in design and order of analysis. If you have never opened your device, look for the same model’s maintenance instructions on the web.

If the dried laptop is no longer turned on or you don’t want to clean it yourself, you can seek professional help from the service center.

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