How to Play Music Through Speakers While Using Headphones

How to Play Music Through Speakers While Using Headphones

Every day, users come up with new tasks for their computers. Connect the second and third monitor, headphones, speakers, sound blues gadgets, TV. This expands the possibilities but makes it difficult to set up what wasn’t originally intended. For example, two sound devices – speakers and headphones with one or different audio streams – are connected simultaneously. Let’s figure out how it can be done (well, I already know, and I’ll tell you).

Attention! All of these methods are suitable for Realtek HD. Whether they will be suitable for other sound programs is unknown. You can experiment.


How to connect speakers and headphones at the same time

  • 1 Wired device
  • 1.1 Universal Branch
  • 1.2 Connect to various nests of audio cards
  • 1.3 Using the USB port
  • 2 How do I connect two pairs of wireless headphones to my computer?
  • 3 How do I switch the sound from speakers to headphones?
  • 3.1 By setting up audio devices in Windows 7 and 10
  • 3.2 Using audio switcher
  • 4 Conclusion


Wired devices

You can solve the problem with the simultaneous connection of 2 audio-producing devices through system settings or with real manipulation with different separations on your PC or laptop. To begin with, let’s look at wired ways to connect speakers and headphones at the same time.

Universal branch

You go, for example, on a train or a train together. There are people around, noise. And I want to pass the time to watch something. One pair of headphones with 4 ear headphones is not very convenient. There will help the brancher for the audio man. The plug is in the laptop, and to connect, there are 2 sockets. And no additional manipulation will be required.

Suitable for the branch and smartphones, tablets, and any other gadgets with the output of Jack 3.5. It costs from 50 to 400 rubles in online stores and real trade points in electronics and radio equipment. Here’s a link to a selection of branchers on Aliexpress. Another question, if there is none, and the sound “everywhere” is needed right now. Then read on and look for your situation.


Disadvantages of the branch

A very convenient tool for laptops, smartphones, and tablets when questioned how to connect two pairs of headphones. The main problem with branching is quality. Here, as in the lottery, there will be a normal device, then weak corrosion on or one of them does not work. The most common problem is when two pairs of ears are connected, each with only one channel, right or left.


Connect to various nests of audio cards

The PC has several Jack 3.5 exits. Or, if there are 6 exits at the back of these exits, you can assign black or blue to an additional sound port.

Step-by-step instruction on how to connect speakers and headphones at the same time or two pairs of ears to one PC:

We connect headphones and speakers to the computer. Headphones in the front green socket, and speakers in the back. Or vice versa.

Call the Realtek dispatcher. Click the right button on the speaker icon on the taskbar, select the “sound manager.” Or through the control panel in the launch menu.

Click on the top right sign “Additional device settings.”

We mark the second point in the first block “Tune the front and back…”. And in contrast to the first in the second block, “Unite the Entrance…”. Confirm by clicking “ok.”

Check the purpose of connected corrosiunms. Click on each right button, then “Change of destination…”. Both devices should be ticked in front of the “headphones” line even if the speakers are connected there. In this way, you can assign a blue or black port if there is no second green port.

Click on the options of the corrosions – the yellow folder on the right on the panel of the corrosion. Place the ticks in front of both lines in the window.

Open the audio devices – click the right button on the speaker icon in the taskbar. Choosing the right line.

In the new window, choose the record tab. There’s got to be a stereo. If it’s not there, click the right button on the empty spot and tick the “Show off devices.

The mixer needs to be activated: click right, turn on.

Again click on the mixer right button. We choose “properties.”

Listen to tab. We tick “listen with this…”.

Below is “play with this…” choose the headphones on the list, “apply,” and “ok.”

Now back to the Play tab. Now there are speakers and headphones.

Columns are the default communication device, and headphones are the default device. We want to “apply.”

If it didn’t work out, try changing the headphones to the speakers in the “listen” tab. Try rebooting your PC.

This method offers all the available instructions that I found on the Internet. But the sound in one of the audio appliances will lag; you will get an echo effect. The equipment connected to the front panel is lagging. I found a way to solve this problem just by accident. So there was my personal instruction for high-quality sound in the along and headphones at the same time:

  • Open the Realtek dispatcher. Click on “Additional Settings…” bottom right.
  • We mark the top lines in the first and second block – it’s “disable the sound of the rear…” and “unite the entrance nests…”
  • We assign separations, as in the previous instructions. “Headphones” for both devices. We press the “ok” and close the dispatcher.
  • Click on the speaker icon on the taskbar and select “sound devices.”
  • There’s only one sound device here: the speakers.
  • Stereomikscher can be turned off, and it is not needed. It’s in the “record” tab if you forget.

Now headphones and speakers or two ears will play one sound stream without delay. So you can avoid unnecessary injuries to the corrosion and not poke the headphones back and forth. Just reduce the sound on the speakers and listen to it with headphones.

Author’s note! You can also connect Bluetooth devices – speakers or headphones. First, you need to pair so that the PC detects and recognizes the hardware, and then the list.


Using a USB port

If you have ears with a USB connection, then the actions are similar. Just connect the device to the port on the front. The computer will determine it. And then act on the instructions. However, I did not test my version with this combination, so test both versions.


How do I connect two pairs of wireless headphones to my computer?

How do I connect two pairs of wireless headphones to my computer

You’ll need a dongle and a special program to set up two or three pairs of wireless devices to play a single audio stream at a time. For example, Bluesoleil. It’s paid, but with a trial period. There are also quack versions with a torrent.

Instructions on how to connect 2 headphones to your computer at the same time:

  • Open the program.
  • Incorporate your ears into pairing mode.
  • Click the right button on the yellow ball in the program window and choose “search devices.”
  • When you find headphones, click on their badge and “search for functions.”
  • We choose “listening to music.”
  • We do the same with the second ears.

Author’s note! The quality of the sound largely depends on the power of your dongle. Correct stuttering can be re-paired, mid-level sound, and/or choice in the mid-sounding headphones property.


How do I switch the sound from speakers to headphones?

How do I switch the sound from speakers to headphones

Of course, speakers can be lowered by the manual controller when we use headphones. But how to switch audio devices, adjust the volume level. There are two ways.

By setting up audio devices in Windows 7 and 10

  • To redirect playback to one of the devices, you can disable the other. Make it simple:
  • We click the right button on the speaker icon and select “sound devices.”
  • We click right on the badge of the equipment you need to disable and select the appropriate command.
  • Don’t forget to “apply” and “ok.”
  • Then you can also turn on and knock out another device.

You can control the volume of headphones and speakers separately. This instruction is suitable for those who didn’t connect the equipment in the first place according to my instructions:

  • Click on the speaker that is responsible for the volume in the taskbar with the left button.
  • At the top, choose headphones or speakers.
  • Adjust the sound with a slider.
  • If you use my instructions, the sound controller will be common to both devices. The speakers can be manually controlled.


Using audio switcher

Working with the tools available in Windows is not very convenient. There is an alternative way to switch the sound from the speakers to the headphones and vice versa. It’s also easy to control audio playback and recording devices with a special Audio Switcher program.

Here are some of its advantages:

  • Free.
  • It doesn’t require installation.
  • You can set the combinations of hotkeys.
  • You can switch devices directly to the third with a single click.
  • The downside is that the program is in English. But the interface is simple, easy to understand.



I really like to look for new non-standard solutions when using headphones on different devices and different combinations. These methods will help you keep your nests alive on your PC or laptop, as well as become a slightly more omnipotent overlord of your devices. The best way to thank us is to share this post with your friends!

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