How to Turn on Laptop Without Power Button

10 Easy Ways How to Turn on Laptop Without Power Button

Learn more about how to turn on a laptop without turning on the button. Now we’ll look at how to turn on a laptop without turning on the button. There are situations in which to bring the device into working condition is urgently needed. However, the trigger at this point may “refuse” to work. Let’s try to figure out what to do in such a situation.


How to Turn on a Laptop without a Power Button


So let’s start a direct discussion about whether you can turn on a laptop without an on the button and how to do it. To begin with, we will need the following tools: soldering iron, neutral flux, duct tape, off-drive, and passages, equipped with an insulated handle, tester. Situations vary; for example, if you use an HP laptop, the “start” button can jam in a plastic panel. This is often the case with devices from other manufacturers. In any case, in this state, the laptop is useless. First of all, we specify whether the warranty service period in the service center has expired. We have to disassemble the device, which will make it impossible to further free repairs.


Input Device

Before we move on to radical measures, let’s discuss turning on a laptop without the keyboard inclusion button. This feature exists, but it needs to be configured in advance while the device is still working well. To activate the necessary function, we go to BIOS. To do this, constantly press the Delete button. The BIOS menu appears. We use arrows to work with it. If we have an HP laptop in front of us, let’s go-to power management setup. Open the power settings. To do this, use the power on Function. In some BIOS models, the required function may be called Power On by PS2 KB/MS. Next, we specify the method of turning on the laptop. To make it work with a single key, choose Any Key. We confirm the F10 changes and press Enter. To enable it with a specific button, we choose Hot Key instead of any key. We specify the most appropriate combination of keys. We apply changes via F10.

If the laptop is no longer on and the settings have not been pre-described, you can’t activate it from the keyboard, so move on to the next section of the material. It describes the process of phasing out a problem.



To understand how to turn on the laptop without the button on and why it “refuses” to work, remove the battery. As soon as the power supply is removed, we move on to the next stage. The laptop model is of great importance here. It depends on it, where is the button on: on the case, on the side, near the keyboard, on the panel at the top. Let’s start with the last option. If the button is on the top of the panel, we will need a neutral flux, a back driver, and a soldering iron. Gently put on a false panel. To do this, we use a screwdriver. Then we nail the two conductors, thereby bringing them up. To do this, drill two holes on the top panel. This is because it is not recommended to use an open device. Set the panel in place. All actions are carried out carefully so that there is no short circuit.


Until the Last Cog

Now let’s look at how to turn on a laptop without turning on the button if the item we’re interested in is located on the side of the case. In this case, we disassemble the entire machine. Let’s start with the display. Remove the lids from the fastenings on it. We’re disconnecting it. Unscrew all screws from the bottom cover, remove the top. We get access to the very place to which the button is connected. Under a neutral flux, we put two parallel conductors. Let’s get them out. We build a laptop in the opposite order. The latter is joined by a battery, as well as a network cable.



The laptop model doesn’t really matter when using this instruction because the basic elements of different laptops are similar. Turn on the laptop. To do this, we connect the wiring with the tools that have insulated handles. We use passages or a back driver. Thus, it will be possible to avoid an unpleasant and painful electric shock. There are cases in which the button is pressed and is in its place, and the laptop, for some reason, does not want to turn on. It is essential to understand the reasons. Minor malfunctions and major breakdowns can cause this situation. In the first case, you can fix the problem with your own hands. Sometimes the launch does not take place because there has been damage to the battery or connection cord.


External Elements | Keyboard 

Check the socket for voltage. If it is present, disconnect the cord from the laptop and check it at the connection. If a battery causes the problem, remove it and connect the device directly to the power source. Such actions are performed by a special device – a tester. When you replace the battery, we disconnect the laptop from the power source.

It is much more difficult to solve problems with the device’s launch if the damage has affected the basic I/O system, graphics card, or chip. In this case, the cause of the failure can only be determined by special devices – oscillograph or test tubes. This will have to do in the service center. Another problem that only experts can solve is the sudden hang-up and failure to work on the restart button. Now you know how to turn on a laptop without turning on the button.


Turning on a laptop with a broken power button

If the laptop power button doesn’t work, no combination of keys will “revitalize” the device – in this case; the device does not respond to any clicks. You can give the laptop to the service to replace the broken button or fix it yourself. Next, we will tell you how to turn on the laptop without a button, without resorting to complex repairs and replacement of expensive components.

Eliminate the causes of the non-power button problem

Other faults that are not related to the item may be to blame for the laptop’s failure to turn on the power button. Before disassembling the laptop, eliminate the following common reasons why it sometimes does not start:

  1. This is most often the case when the device’s battery is not charged enough;
  2. Power connectors may be faulty;
  3. The power adapter is intermittent or non-functioning.

If these causes are not the source of the problem, there is every reason to believe that the device turn button has failed.


Replacing the power button

To do this, you will either need to dismantle the laptop keyboard or disassemble the device itself. The disassembly instructions need to be looked at in the specifications for each particular model. Sometimes the “Power” key can even be attached to the board. In this case, you will have to look for similar and plow contacts.

Some devices for dismantling will be enough to remove the panel above the input device, putting it a screwdriver.

But in most cases, to get to the power button and its plume, you need to remove the input device. It is usually attached to plastic snaps. Demolition of the keyboard with such an amount does not seem difficult even for a beginner:

  1. With a flat screwdriver, squeeze the last latch on top and lift the freed edge slightly.
  2. Similarly, squeeze all the attachments invariably.
  3. You can further disconnect the plume of the input device, taking only the plastic lining so as not to damage the contacts. In this case, the panel can be completely dismantled.

Next, you’ll find a board that works in conjunction with the device-enabled key, as well as a thin train connecting it directly to the power button. Having dealt with the situation, from the supposedly faulty key disconnect the train. You need to make sure that it is healthy, for which lock at the end of the contacts, for example, a screwdriver or an ordinary pen.

If the device responds to contact closures and loads without problems, then there are options:

  1. You can remove the power button from the socket and in the resulting hole in the case to remove the end of the plume. If you need to turn it on next, lock the contacts in the way described above.
  2. Try to repair the button yourself, as it is arranged very primitively. Sometimes the same can be found on sale.

Another possible option is to close the contacts not on the train but on the board itself with the same screwdriver or handle, removing it from the socket on the board.

At the same time, do not remove the keyboard train. If the laptop is turned on but the input device in place, gently snap it with plastic attachments, and then, instead of turning off the laptop, put it into sleep mode. After that, it will start at the touch of any key.


Repairing the train

Often, the inability to turn on the laptop is not a button, but directly the train, which has some damage. It can easily be disabled when cleaning the laptop from dust – sometimes quite a small inflection, and the plume breaks. This usually occurs where it is inserted into the button or board connector.

In these cases, the remaining length is usually enough to connect the elements, which means that the end of the plume can be cleaned from one side and used further.

To do this, you’ll need:

  • scalpel or a very sharp knife,
  • Superglue.

Next, describe how to restore the plume if it broke next to the power button, so the latter does not work:

  1. Disconnect the plume from the turnkey and cut off the above-the-cloud end.
  2. From the edge by about half a centimeter or a centimeter with a sharp knife or scalpel, gently remove the insulation layer. To do this, don’t push the tool. Just swipe a few times on this area until all the insulation is cleared.
  3. Remove the seal from the broken part of the plume and glue the superglue to the isolated area, naturally on the back.

After drying, you will only insert the prepared end of the conductor into the button connector. The laptop will have to run off the button as usual after the plume is restored. If this does not happen, you will have to look for these components on sale or use the laptop as it was described before, never turning it off completely.


How do I turn on my laptop without turning on the button?

If your device has stopped responding to the Power button, make sure the battery is not completely drained. In addition, check the integrity of the power outlet laptop, as well as the power adapter. If all is well, the cause of the malfunction may be the failure of the power button itself. Then the question arises, how to turn on the laptop without the button on?

If the device is under warranty, it is more reasonable in case of such a malfunction to contact the service center for help.

Can I turn on my laptop without turning on the button?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to turn on the laptop by any other method, such as pressing a certain combination of keys. The only way out, which is a belt – is to remove the plume or wire from the power button and close it with a conductive object. The best solution is to replace the power button with a new one.


Resuscitate the turn-on button

  1. Find instructions on the Internet to review your model of the device. On some laptops, you need to turn the panel above the keyboard; on other models, you have to disassemble the case completely.
  2. Disconnect the button from the train or wire and close the contacts, for example, with a back driver (hold only at the isolated end). If the laptop turns on, it is safe to say that the problem is in the button. Examine her condition. Since the closing device is quite primitive, you can easily determine the cause of the failure when you inspect it. If necessary, replace the button.
  3. If the laptop still does not work, check the plume’s condition or wire for damage or inflections. If identified, you will likely have to replace the train with a similar one.

In a situation where you’ve checked your device and the corresponding plume but haven’t found any problems, we suggest that you read “What if the laptop doesn’t turn on?”.


Turn on the laptop without a button.

It all depends on the laptop model and the degree of complexity of the malfunction.

After all, if the touch of the power button the laptop does not start means there was some breakdown, which must be identified.


Breakdowns can be as follows:

  1. The power button failed;
  2. Malfunctions in the motherboard;
  3. The power supply was burnt down;
  4. Banal sat battery;
  5. The train that goes from the power button to the motherboard has failed;
  6. Other faults requiring professional diagnosis.

HP Pavilion g6 power button.

In this situation, the faults listed in p. 1 -3 are difficult to diagnose. The causes of their detection are impossible to identify immediately, so it is necessary to go from simple to complex in our case.



With the battery, the situation is clear. You need to either connect the power from the network or charge the battery.

With a train that goes from the motherboard to the power button, the situation is more complicated, but it is quite solvable.



What to do.

1. Disconnect the train from the power button (in each model of the laptop, it is done differently, as they say, “Google you to help.”

2. Examine the plume for fracture or erasure of contact copper spraying. If the plume is broken, then the contact copper spraying is broken; it is also possible to diagnose the erased news of spraying. The consequences of this are obvious; the laptop will not be turned on.

In this situation, it is desirable to replace the old train with a new one, but, as a rule, finding the right model of the train is not so easy, and the laptop must be turned on urgently and without a button.

We only need the part of the train near the power button, so there is no need to disconnect it from the motherboard, which makes the task easier.


  1. Cut off the wrong part of the plume.
  2. Gently remove the insulation 0.5 – 1 cm from the edge of the plume with a scalpel or a sharp knife.
  3. Ideally, you’ll get it like this.

Now, to turn the laptop without a button, just lock between the copper contacts with some metal object (screwdriver, knife, etc.). At the same time, do not forget about the connected power or charge of the laptop.

Some users even close their finger contacts, and the laptop turns on, but it depends on the conductivity of a particular person’s skin.

If the reason is the train, you will be able to turn on the laptop after 5 to 10 minutes, provided that you know how to disassemble it partially.

If you have time, it is advisable to immediately glue the super glue sealer, as shown in the photo,

Connect the train to the power button and try to turn on the laptop by clicking it.

If the problem is not in the plume and battery, then its solution requires a more professional approach, here without a deep diagnosis of a laptop malfunction can not do.

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