How to Remove the Headphone Icon on Your Phone

How to Remove the Headphone Icon on Your Phone Notification Bar

\Sometimes it happens that your mobile phone’s display may appear as a symbol of the presence of an active (i.e., connected) headset or headphones. But the headphones are off, that is, you can not take calls, and the player does not play the sound system (when the volume changes, you still will not hear anything). At the same time, no matter how hard you try, this icon does not disappear. We are talking about a fairly common bug that spoils the nerves of many. There are several reasons for this problem and several options for removing it. How to remove the headphone icon on your phone – let’s say you more.


How to Remove Headphone Icon from Notification Bar

1 The headphone symbol is constantly burning. How to remove?
2 Caution
3 Cleaning and drying the headphone jack
4 Cleaning with a special liquid
5 Reset the app’s data. radio
6 Special key combination

The headphone symbol is constantly on fire. How to remove?

This software error causes negative emotions in smartphone users because the screen does not want to see anything superfluous. The unauthorized appearance of an additional sign (symbol) may indicate the incorrect operation of the program, which can interrupt the regular functioning of other applications and even the entire OS of the phone.
For example, suddenly, it turns out that all the calls are translated into high-profile communication.

The fact that the headphone icon doesn’t go missing (although it should) is a symptom that shows some software metastases on your phone. This may have happened for the following reasons:

Getting moisture inside the body of the smartphone.
This is the most popular reason for all possible software glitches on your phone. Sloppy operation leads to the oxidation of microcontacts inside the protective body and the software’s temporary or constant incorrect operation.

Getting dirt into the socket.
Modern smartphones are very capricious. Despite the numerous reviews indicating the unpretentiousness of gadgets, it does not mean that their operation in dusty dust in the room will not affect the “insides” of the device. Dust in huge quantities penetrates through all available holes, leading, again, to the pollution of contacts and their failure. (Correct paths of signals stop triggering).

Another popular reason why expensive smartphones fail and, in particular, why the headphone icon appears and doesn’t shut down. Here only a timely appeal to the service center can correct the situation.

However, the headphone icon may appear and not disappear for more complex reasons related to bugs in software related to incorrect firmware or installation of “pirate” applications. It also requires the help of qualified professionals.



What to do if an unnecessary icon (indicating that the headphones are connected) is on fire. In addition, in the phone work, other applications already begin to appear “glitches”? There are two types of recommendations here:

Those are the things you can really do on your own.
Events that are 99.99% will not be successful in the conditions of artisanal execution.
Specifically, this section proposes to dwell on the latter.

For example, you can’t definitely use such advice and recommendations:

“Try to put a new OS firmware! I know a cool site: if something on my smartphone does not work, then I always take applications from there … In general, everything is free!”
“Look, buddy, take a stationery knife and carefully stripped the halves of the body of the machine. Take off the top panel, in short…”
“Dropped in the bathtub? It’s okay: take a hairdryer and “blow” them socket sockets. Hold the hairdryer longer…”
And even: “Try to reinstall the system. Of course, I need to spend money!”
Modern devices are super-compact gadgets. These are not those button phones that were sorted out and assembled back as a designer. As practice shows, the opening of the body of smartphones, made outside the conditions of a professional workshop, leads to irretrievable mechanical damage.

The use of a hairdryer is also not a safe method. Since the air in the device also passes through the incandescent spiral, strongly heated (so the hair here dries quickly). Modern smartphones contain many parts and plastic, so to inflict plastic damage (melting) with the help of “blowing” hairdryer at one point can be much faster than many initially think.

Any action with the software is also better to trust the profile professionals. Even if your phone is on Android (and here the principle of open code is used), most users still do not know how to produce even the primary installation of the OS properly.

The principle of open architecture has long been a convention. The device itself contains too many nuances, which must be consistent with each other to correct applications.

The unprepared user will never cope with the proper installation of all settings!

Cleaning and drying the headphone jack

But this user can do it himself (with certain reservations, of course). So, how to disable the headphone icon by cleaning and drying the headphone jacks:

It is best to dry the connectors by placing the phone on the lining of a well-absorbing material (such as toilet paper) in a well-ventilated place. It will be very effective to leave the phone under the air conditioning (no closer than 0.5 meters from blowing blinds) for a day. The air conditioning will be better turned on the heating.
Preliminarily, it is recommended to spin the phone in your hands (only without fanaticism) to shake out the possible moisture.

Also, practice shows that it is possible to clean the connectors (including headphone jacks) successfully. To do this, you should use a regular cotton bud, the volume of which can be reduced as needed. The cotton head should be soaked in alcohol or in a liquid to remove the varnish and gently clean the contact. It is important – the stick should be almost dry. Otherwise, you risk pouring the phone. If it were pollution, the cotton head would have traces of it. This means that the dirt has been removed. After drying (you need to take at least half an hour to do it), the phone should properly turn on and start working normally, and the headphone icon will turn off.


Cleaning with a special liquid

Highly efficient smartphone contact cleaning fluids are sold in specialty stores. These are dispersal compounds that should be able to dissolve contamination on available contacts, cleaning them. However, to use such liquids, you also need to purchase the appropriate equipment for their application. (This is an advanced syringe with a visualizer that allows the composition to be applied exactly where required.)

This contaminant method is professional, so for the vast majority of users, it is not available. Such equipment is costly, and to buy it was justified, it is necessary to put such cleaning literally on the stream.


Reset the app’s data. radio

The next way to remove the headphone icon on your phone, even if physical prevention measures are inconclusive, is to reinstall the profile software. If the headphones are not turned off, the software responsible for this option should be “demolished.”

This clearly demonstrates the need to download management applications separately rather than use phone firmware. In this case, it will be easier to localize the problem.


Then the phone either shows that to use the headset, it needs to install a profile application (and then you re-install it), or the headset icon does not disappear, and then you should reinsurance the OS (for which we turn to specialists).

In addition, this method can also work: connect the application that will direct the sound to the correct output. This could be Toggleheadset in the Play Market for Android. Often it works.

It also helps to eliminate the application responsible for the radio. Once you’ve solved the headset problem, you can re-install it. The principle here is simple – eliminate everything that can interfere with the correct operation of headphones, and then consistently install everything again.

Special key combination

How to turn off the headphone mode if it shows the headset even if it doesn’t exist. The combination of “hotkeys” is sewn in any phone – try to hold the button on/off the device not long, but for a couple of seconds. Then the menu will be highlighted, where you can choose how the mode of operation you prefer at present. For example, Silent or In-Flight both disable the sound and all the applications associated with it.

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