How to make headphones at home

How to make headphones at home

The problem with the failure of the headphones is familiar to users. Missing sound on the same speaker, the appearance of noise and distortion of sound – with daily use of the device break before the warranty ends. Even the best-quality JBL models fail. Buying expensive headphones does not guarantee a full lifespan. The solution is simple – to make headphones with your own hands!


What it takes to make headphones

Manufacturing does not require any special knowledge and skills. Constructively, the device consists of several elements that need to be put together. Before the assembly, you need to prepare the workplace and collect the necessary parts.

The following parts will be needed for manufacturing:

  1. Soldering – the power should be in the range – 25 – 40 watts to overheat the radio elements.
  2. Prie and flux or manifold will be needed for rations.
  3. The plug is selected depending on the connector on the phone. The common plug is Jack 3.5.
  4. The speakers themselves and the microphone.
  5. Cable to transmit sound.
  6. Insulation tape or shrinkage.
  7. The case for speakers with a set of amber.
  8. The multimeter will be useful for checking contacts.
  9. A wire-sweeping knife.

The assembly process will be facilitated if the user has broken samples – you can take the necessary parts. It would help if you also decided which mode of transmission will be used – wireless or cable.


How to assemble new headphones from old headphones

Before you collect new headphones from old headphones, you need to make sure that you’re healthy. A common problem in older devices is a malfunction of speakers due to a severed contact at the speaker or a plug malfunction. To check this, you need to call the device with a multimeter. With the help of a call, you can easily find the cable rupture.

From the broken, you can make new, which will please the user sound and save on the purchase of a new headset.

You can take the electronic part, but replace the amber with standard rubber on fur, replace the rim or body on wooden, etc.

Headphone collection stages with your own hands

To assemble headphones, you need to perform an algorithm of actions.

Plug to connect

If the old plug is healthy, the plug is trimmed, leaving 5 – 6 cm of cable – these segments can be connected to the new cable, sleeping wires. Each contract should be isolated from the others with the power of thin shrink tubes or with the help of duct tape. On top, instead of adhesions, you need to enclose in a shrink tube to protect against damage.

If the plug is faulty – you will need to connect new ones. To do this, the plug, like a cable, is cleaned and then snubbed cable according to the scheme. After finishing the ration, the plug is filled with glue for insulation and closed with a shrink.

If the design is a built-in microphone, the layout of the plug connection will be different. It is better to focus on the factory connection of wires, having disassembled the plug itself.

The device is gaining popularity not with a 3.5 plug but under a USB connector. This connector is sold separately, and if desired, instead of a Jack plug, you can install a USB connector.


Pike cable

First, the cable should be nailed to the plug. To do this, 2 out of 4 lived to need to be nailed to the terminals on the plug, and the 2 remaining – to the support with holes for the cable.


Speakers for the device

Each of the speakers has “z” and “-” terminals mounted on the speakers. As a rule, the red vein of the cable goes to the “z.” The speakers themselves need to be placed inside the case, in the body to stretch the cable and spar to the speakers. If the case is non-decipherable, then the connection will be the pruning of the cable on the old speakers with the subsequent connection of the new cable.

Some devices have a microphone integrated. The microphone can also be connected by using a cable for models with a microphone. The cable has an extra vein to the microphone.

Once the diagram has been assembled, the speaker body needs to be attached to the headphone rim.

When you’re building, you’ll need to check your headphones by connecting your device to your mobile device or computer.


Disassembling old headphones on parts

In broken and old devices, you can find many useful parts from which you can assemble new headphones.

Stages of disassembling the old device on the details:

  1. Disconnect the cable from the plug and speakers. Remove the protective shell from the plug.
  2. Disassemble the speaker body. Take out the speakers and the microphone. If it’s headphones for the phone, the device is sorted out to compress the body with passages. If for a computer – the body is collected on bolts, and to disassemble, the bolts need to unscrew.
  3. Remove the speakers, remembering the polarity (left or right), unplug the microphone. If you connect the speakers correctly, the left earpiece will sound on the left and right when checking the channels if the error is the opposite effect.

After this disassembly, the parts will become available, and you can dispose of the details as you like. It’s a free way to get the parts you need.


Checking the health of the parts you need

Before assembling with a multimeter, you need to check the health of the components:

  1. Call the cable for a break.
  2. Check the plug.
  3. Call the items. To do this, you will need to put the multimeter into the ohmmeter mode and measure the resistance of each speaker.
  4. Check, insulation of wires.

You can check the health of your device by connecting to your phone or computer. You can check your sound and microphone with sound settings on a computer with Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 10 installed.


Build new headphones

If desired, the user can collect the headphones themselves, which will meet the requirements. In this process, there is nothing complicated – most of the parts are sold in radio stores. The user can choose the ambers from the material they like, the body, the speakers, the way to connect – wirelessly or by cable, with or without the microphone. The choice is limited to fantasy and accessible materials.

The device is not structurally complex. However, it requires careful assembly.


How to make headphones with your own hands from scratch

Headphones with a loud sound can be assembled yourself from scratch. The user will receive a device that will meet the requirements.

Build stages:

  1. The choice of the hull. You can choose a ready-made case with the right size and design or a homemade option. Some make headphones out of wood to order. The choice is limited to the user’s imagination or available materials. The case before the assembly of the device should be disassembled for the installation of electronics.
  2. Choosing and installing speakers. Appropriate power speakers need to be installed in this case. If you need a microphone, install the microphone in the case.
  3. To spar the cable to the speakers. Close the case. The secret of improving the quality of sound and bass Рcracks in the body must be missed with a special mask.
  4. Stick the cable output to the USB connector or plug.
  5. Isolate the wires to the connector, enclose the connector in the shrink.

After that, you will have to check the health and, if necessary, fix the circuit problem.


How to create wireless headphones

If a user wants to make wireless headphones for your PC at home, you’ll need to purchase Bluetooth, a wireless modem, and a battery.


  1. You need to disassemble the headphones and integrate them into the model and battery.
  2. Mod needs to connect to the speakers and bring out the socket to charge the battery and the button to turn on the body of the headphones.
  3. After rationing and assembly, you need to insert the transmitting device into the computer’s socket, turn on the headphones, and wait for the Bluetooth connection.

Airpods like on an iPhone or assembling a headset with your own hands will be more difficult. You can see the details of the headphone making in this video:

It gives detailed instructions on how to create a device at home to meet the requirements.

Self-made headphones – it’s not only a way to create a device to their own requirements, but also a way to save – because the device can be assembled from old parts. Such headphones will be able to last much longer than factory models.

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