How to keep your headphones up on your PC and phone

How to keep your headphones up on your PC and phone

After connecting them to the phone or laptop, often headphones give a low-frequency, barely audible sound, or one “ear” works quieter than the other. Buy a new gadget with reduced resistance do not want, and why? There are many proven ways to increase the volume of headphones yourself – the device will work like a new one.


The most common causes of low volume in headphones

The reasons for the weak background in headphones are both software and hardware. In the first version, the sound can be reduced due to the fault:

  • Faulty USB connector
  • shattered “nest”;
  • Cable break;
  • Metal mesh clogging;
  • moisture inside, etc.

Software glitch is:

  • Errors in the operating system
  • Driver issues
  • Sound card malfunction
  • weak volume on PC, smartphone, etc.

You can understand most of the reasons yourself.


How to keep your headphones up on your PC

When you connect headphones to your PC, the sound doesn’t always sound full. Make the headphones louder on the computer running Windows 10; if updating or reinstalling Windy’s sound in “ears” became quiet or even disappeared? Or, for example, the computer does not have a program.

It is necessary to conduct an “investigation” and find out why the gadget does not want to play music loudly, at full power.

  1. Click at the bottom of the laptop screen, comp on a special icon, and set the desired volume level.
  2. If the plug dangles in the connector, choose a “nest” that corresponds to the tip’s size.
  3. Insert the headphone cable into the computer before clicking; make sure the three have an appropriate icon.
  4. Raise the volume level to the desired maximum.

You can also resort to installing special applications.

  1. Hear 1.0 is a kind of amplifier that can improve the background during games, movies, music. Equipped with a built-in equalizer, located to the introduction of a virtual subwoofer, 3D sound settings, and phonation quality in headphones manufactured by JBL, Hoco, and others, or in speakers.
  2. Sound Booster is designed to amplify the sound of headphones and other devices from the same window.
  3. DFX Audio Enhancer – improving the sound individually for players, browsers, players, etc.

The reason for the barely audible sound of the ear gadget can be the old-age sound card software. Install fresh drivers like this:

  1. Download from the official resource and install.
  2. Click the WIN’R combination, refer to the Device Manager, and enter the “Sound, Gaming, and Video Devices” tab. Double click on the sound card, then choose the “Driver” tab in the fallen window. Click “Update The Driver,” and the update manager says, “Automatic Driver Search.” Windus herself will find and install a fresh driver.
  3. You can use the DriverPack Solution app- with the user’s permission, the OS is scanned, the driver is searched for overdue, and new ones are introduced.

For example, if you use it on a computer, Realtek drivers can not update the same and install a High Definition Audio Device or others.


How to add sound to headphones on your phone

One of the simplest and most banal ways to amplify sound in AKG monitor headphones, wireless, wired, vacuum, and other types of gadgets on the phone is the volume control. You need to go to the settings, choose the “Loudness” graph in the menu, and set the desired level. There are other options for smartphones on Android, iOS platforms.

Running Android

On some models of smartphones running Android blocked volume control. Amplifying the sound is possible with the help of an engineering menu, having done some steps.

  1. Start the call app and enter the access code (each model has it different). If it’s Samsung, the code will be q 197328640, if Meizu or Xiaomi – q 3646633 q or q 54298. If these combinations don’t work, it’s a good idea to look for the code in the phone instructions.
  2. After the introduction of the code, press the call key – the factory menu will open. You need to choose “Hardware Testing.” If the button does not work, you should swipe to the right.
  3. A new menu will be opened, in which you will choose “Audio” equipped with 4 modes of volume control.
  4. You’ll need to select “Headset Mode” and “Headset_LoudSpeaker Mode” modes and adjust the signal level for yourself. To do this, you need to set the desired value in the first window with the numbers.
  5. Then press the “Set” button and go to the work screen.

Another option to add sounds – special applications: Volume Booster PlusVolume, etc., for example, the program Volume Booster Plus increases the volume to the maximum factory values at the touch of a key. This requires:

  • Download this app from Google Play
  • Install and run the program.
  • To skip the proposed features of the app, you need to click “Next” and then click on “Boost”;
  • the program will start immediately, and when the work is finished, it will report the changed volume settings as a percentage.

The app is free but crammed with advertising.


Running iOS

Many iPhone owners also suffered from insufficient volume in their headphones when plugging in. There are 3-4 ways how to make the sound loud, clean. Go to Settings, select the Music tab, and move the slider to the desired level when you hit the volume limit window.

The second option is more complex and is to make changes to the configuration files (Jailbreak). Here’s a user-friendly way:

  • Open the root folder iOS
  • go first along this path /System/Library/Frameworks/MediaToolbox.framework/Nxx/, then click here /System/Library/Frameworks/MediaToolbox.framework/default;
  • both folders contain a SystemSoundMaximumVolume.plisfile that will set up Default when it opens;
  • here you should change the values by placing LineOut: 0.8, Headset: 0.8; Default: 0,99;
  • then click on the save and enter the folder /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/;
  • Choose here file;
  • In the VolumeLimits tab, fix both values at 1.2.
  • Save the changes, start rebooting your phone, and plug in the headphones to check the sound volume.

Another simple way to blow up the iPhone with a full sound is to turn off the equalizer. It does not increase frequencies but understates some. It happens in such a way that the lows seem louder than others if you raise their level.



Changing the volume level in headphones is recommended smoothly, without sudden jumps. After all, human hearing is gentle and negatively reacts to increased phonation. If in full-size headphones songs played acceptable for hearing, then when connecting the vacuum gadget to the same device, the sound is enhanced or, on the contrary, quiet. Therefore, when reconnecting the “ears,” you should first reduce the volume on the note or phone and then already connect the headphones.

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