How to install AutoCad for Windows

How to install AutoCad for Windows | Step by Step Guide

Autodesk AutoCAD is now the most widely used CAD system in the world. Millions of users choose this reliable and proven software to solve their professional problems in architectural and construction design, machine development and machinery, design, and many others.

AutoCAD is professional CAD software that imposes special requirements on equipment, installation and customization, and organization of work. To keep the system running smoothly daily, you need to know how to install AutoCAD on the user’s computer.

Let’s look at the sequence of actions you need to take to installĀ AutoCAD on your computer. This instruction is fair to install a local version of AutoCAD on a separate computer, and if you need to install a network version, this instruction is not appropriate.


Check the program’s system requirements.

Before you install Autodesk AutoCAD, make sure your computer meets the recommended system requirements. A list of system requirements for all AutoCAD versions can be found on the Autodesk Knowledge Network website at thisĀ address.

When analyzing system requirements, consider the discharge of your operating system and the discharge of AutoCAD (32 or 64 discharges), as the requirements vary.

Please note that your computer must meet the requirements on all counts. This means that if your system, for example, has a stock of RAM, but does not pass the minimum amount of free space on the disk, then install the AutoCAD program, most likely, will not work, or it will not work properly.


Check your equipment for compatibility with AutoCAD

It’s a good idea to install AutoCAD on a computer certified by the software developers themselves. The fact is that the use of certified equipment and drivers avoids many problems in the program. To check if your computer and graphics card is certified to work with Autocad, use the special “Find Recommended Hardware” service here.

With this service, you can check your computer and graphics card and find and download the recommended certified drivers.


Get admin rights

To install AutoCAD successfully, you either need to log in under your admin account or get admin rights.

Installing admin rights on a personal machine can be done through the Control Panel to change the type of account.

If your computer is under domain control, contact the system administrator to obtain the appropriate rights.

It’s also a good idea to temporarily disable account control (UAC). Go to the Control Panel to change the account control settings and move the regulator to the lowest position.

Once you’ve completed your installation, be sure to turn your account controls back on!


Update the operating system

Make sure you have all the updates available to your operating system. If any of them are not installed, especially with the label “Critical,” install them immediately. Once you’re up and over, be sure to restart your computer.


Delete temporary files

Clear the TEMP folder from all temporary files. To go to this folder, run Windows Explorer and enter %TEMP.

Select all files and delete them.


Turn off the antivirus and close all apps.

To be successful, temporarily shut down the antivirus and shut down all applications that run in the system.


Install AutoCAD

To install AutoCAD on your computer, start the Setup installation file.exe

Then follow the instructions on the screen. During installation, specify the components that need to be installed and how the program will be installed if the proposed default is not appropriate for some reason. Make sure the installation is error-free.


Activate the program

Once AutoCAD is first launched, it must be activated. For successful activation, follow the instructions on the screen.

Autodesk AutoCAD is then considered complete.



We hope that this instruction fully answers the question “how to install Autocad?”. However, if there are any unforeseen problems during the installation process, we recommend contacting technical support and taking advice on the profile forums.

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