How to Improve Headphone Sound Quality For Pc And Phone

How to Improve Headphone Sound Quality For Pc And Phone

You always want any headphones on your computer and phone to make high-quality sound, but it rarely works. On a cheap acoustics can not comprehend the depths of sound conceived by the composer. Friends listen to music recorded by their comrades in an amateur studio, and when you study remotely during a pandemic, you often have to listen to the words of a teacher using an inexpensive microphone. You can always try to improve the sound in headphones, even at the cost of 400 rubles.


Reasons for poor sound quality in headphones

There are many factors that cause discomfort when listening to music, audio lectures, watching movies. Often they do not depend on the platform used, the device or the headset.

  • Bad sound in headphones was initially – a poor-quality headset, check with other tracks, movies, games. Connect to a different device.
  • Poor sound in a particular program, film, game – the wrong settings.
  • The sound has recently been distorted everywhere – damaged headphones, stained mesh, or lost settings.

The headset should be handled correctly: put on (wear) and pick up earbuds.

The headset should be handled correctly: put on (wear) and pick up earbuds.

Start the diagnosis with the classic steps:

  • Start a different player or sound source
  • Rebooting a computer or smartphone
  • Check the accessory at a different sound source – connect to another player, the phone;
  • change the cable in the area of the transition to the plug, on both sides of the control panel and near the speakers themselves – there will be noise, crackling – damaged cord or corrosion;

How to remove hiss and crackling in headphones

  • Turn off and plug in the device five times, turn the plug in the socket – third-party sounds will indicate clogging or moisture (relevant for the player, laptop and phone);
  • Check the sound settings in the app (player) and operating system.


Hardware problems

After the diagnosis, identified third-party sounds when inserting and pulling the jack out of the corrus – take a cotton bud, match or toothpick and remove from the nest all the garbage.

If it was once affected by rain, the contact site could have oxidized. Remove the battery from the phone, lightly soak a piece of cotton wool in alcohol and squeeze. With a thin layer, wrap on a match and clean the socket.

When the cable is damaged, fix the problem with a soldering iron, isolate the wiring from each other, strengthen and protect the ration site from ruptures, dust and moisture with a piece of shrink pipe. In the absence of soldering iron, the cable is twisted or tied and insulated with duct tape or shrinkage.

If the problem is in the plug – it is easy to replace it with your own hands. You will need a soldering iron with solder and flux, a sharp knife, a new disbaulent jack or cut off from the non-working device.

Clogged with gray and dust, which sticks to it, the mesh changes the acoustic characteristics, the sound becomes deaf, quiet, “like from the cellar.” Day full-size models remove the earbuds and clean the mesh with improvised means – an old toothbrush, cotton bud. For plugs – remove the silicone lining, for the overhead will have to disassemble the body – its parts are glued or held on the slinks. To access the mesh, insert a scalpel, a thin knife between parts of the case and divide them.

The use of an amplifier will improve the sound quality, increase the volume of headphones.


How to improve sound quality with headphones on your PC

There are several ways to improve the sound of the headset on the PC.

Changing standard Windows settings

Interference with The Windows sound settings will affect the sound.

Turn off the simulation of the 3D sound.

  1. Through the speaker icon in three, open the sound parameters.
  2. Open the properties of the device.
  1. In the list “Format of spatial…” select “Off,” don’t close the window.

Check how this has affected the playback. If the result is not noticed, restart the player, browser or game.

Effects outages.

  1. At the bottom of the open window, click “Control Panel…”.
  1. Choose your current device and click Properties.
  1. In the Levels tab, you can raise or lower the volume of any channel.
  2. Visit the Improvements tab.

Audio effects such as imitation of the environment, suppression of the voice for vocals, and change of tone are disconnected here.

  1. To change the environment algorithm, click on the Environment, and select the appropriate effect in the drop-out list below.
  1. In the next tab, check out the standard audio format settings – click “Default.”



To adapt the sound to a specific game, musical style, compensation of low-frequency subsidence in the “Improvements” tab, click “Equalizer.” From the list, select the needs-appropriate preset and click on the three-point button.

  1. Adapt to your own needs.

To amplify the sound in the PUBG shooter, build sliders as follows, and then adapt the audio to your own needs and headphones.

This is also done through the VIA Sound Manager or Realtek (example of the latter).

Through the contextual menu of the dispatcher’s icons, turn the window. Basically, the virtual 3D sound is turned off.

In the next tab, audio effects are configured – an imitation of the environment and an equalizer. Buttons A, B, C, D switch profiles – create a preset for music, games, movies.

The last tab changes the audio format.


Install specialized software and driver

Try removing the audio driver and then download the new one from the official site and install it. To remove, open the Device Manager via Win X and remove the audio devices.

In 2020, there are a lot of applications to amplify and change the sound on your computer and mobile devices. Try the free DFX Audio Enhancer, which can control all aspects of computer sound. It will display the spectrum of the song being played, provide 46 presets with settings.

Supports effects management: basses, imitation of the environment, will be able to amplify the sound without increasing the noise level.

The second program, Nahimic, will demonstrate a new concept of sound and voice transmission, useful for gamers utility, the algorithms of which have been used by the military for a decade. It will allow you to fine-tune the sound 3D effects.

Also try Stereo Tool, Breakaway Audio Enhancer.


How to make the sound cleaner on your smartphone

Whether you have low-cost headphones that come with a Xiaomi phone delivery, an advanced JBL headset or expensive wireless headphones, problems are everywhere. What on Android, that on iOS (iPhone), the problem will solve is not a good equalizer or intelligent setting of “audio improvers” – in Google Play and AppStore look for on demand “equalizer”.

The equalizer is customized for a specific musical genre, and for headphones (presets look on the site of the headset manufacturer). The built-in equalizer and effects control options are not available on all smartphones (in sound settings).

Settings change, just like on a computer.

For Bluetooth-enabled headphone jacks, see the Bluetooth Profile Selection option for remote control of Bluetooth AVRCP multimedia devices.

  1. Go to the settings, in the “On the Phone” section tap on the “Assembly Number” before you are notified that you have become a developer.
  2. In the Settings section of “System” tap “Extra.”
  3. In the Developers subsection, select the latest version of Bluetooth AVRCP.

Try experimenting with audio codecs.



You can improve the sound of your headphones with software methods if you spend time. Create two or three presets with equalizer settings for different musical genres, games. The effect will bring and audiobusters (sound improvements), but in exchange for an hour or two of experiments.

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