How to Fix your Headphones Yourself

How to Fix your Headphones Yourself |Step-by-step repair of headphones at home

Cheap headphones have become a consumable; they change several times a year when the first signs of failure. Do not rush to send the headset in the trash or throw in the nightstand when there is noise, cod when refuses to work one or two speakers; emitters generate different volume sounds. Let’s tell you how to fix the headphones with your hands with the soldering iron and without.


Diagnosis of the problem

To repair the headphones, first of all, you need to identify the culprit of the problem. Usually, it is a problem with contacts in place of their rations to the plug. Because of the constant infections, the thin cable responsible for the sound of one of the channels can easily break and stop functioning normally. If there is no sound in one earpiece, the cable that goes to it from the channels is probably torn off; if both speakers do not sound, the cables or mass going to both channels are damaged.

Connect your device to your phone, computer, or other device and start the player. In the area of the cable, transition to the plug, bend it, sort it with your fingers. If the contact departs – the sound is transmitted, then disappears – the problem is detected. Carefully examine the cord for damage. If you do not find it, you will have to cut the insulation of the plug to get to its insides or immediately cut off the jack and change to another (preferably).

Fix headphones; if one ear or two does not work, you can both with a soldering iron (safe) and without it (temporarily, if the tool in the house is not in the house or you do not know how to handle it). You can resuscitate the old plug or replace it with a new, re-breeding. The latter option is preferable, the more the new jack will have to cut.

In the case of The Bluetooth Headphones, replace the disconnected cable with another to determine the culprit.

If, when bending the cable near the plug, dynamics play habitually, bend it near the damper, where the cord goes into the speaker’s body.


Step-by-step repair of headphones at home

You’ll need the simplest tools and consumables to make the headset healthy. Their set depends on the method of repair: with ration and without soldering iron.

Before the instrumental intervention, make sure that the plug membrane is not clogged. If you can see the trash in the mesh, take the earpiece out, clean and rinse the mesh in alcohol and collect it back.

Apple AirPods wireless earpiece

In vacuum models, remove the rubber linings and clean the mesh with a toothbrush or toothpick. If the sound disappears, distorts, pay attention to the membrane. Crumpled – straighten, if the broken – expensive device to carry to the service center, self-repair is not subject to repair. Cheap models with a damaged membrane are easier to throw away.


With soldering iron

It is more reliable to repair the headphones if one side of the headphones does not work or the speakers are junk, with a soldering iron. Repair consists of replacing the monolithic jack with the same, cut off from another device (old headset, speakers, adapter), or re feral – purchased in the nearest store with electronics and radio parts.


  • Spare plug;
  • soldering iron with flux and solder;
  • Sharp knife, for example, mounting;
  • a thermo-seated tube with a diameter of a little more than insulation;
  • tester, tweezers, clippers, duct tape are not always needed.

The instruction is suitable for any of the brands presented: Hoco, JBL, Panasonic, Samsung, Sennheiser.

To make (fix) the headset with a problem jack, follow the steps:

  1. Cut the plug and clean the cables with a sharp blade of 8-12 mm.

If one of them is lacquered and the varnish is poorly cleaned, use a lighter but not overheat the cord.

  1. Put the plug on the cable.
  1. Pour the tips of the cables to facilitate further rations.
  2. Tie the cables to the plug contacts following the crucifying and carefully put on and fix the plug cartridge.

In the case of a damaged cable near the earpiece or the use of a plug from another device:

  1. Clean the cable.
  2. Put a piece of shrinkage on one of them.
  1. Rinse or tie the cables according to the crucifixion.

There are a lot of variations (read the material about the headphone crucifixion):

  • three cables – left, right channels and mass – common;
  • four – left and right dynamics, a pair of common contacts for each channel;
  • four to two audio channels, a microphone, and a common contact;
  • five – a pair of audio channels, two shared cables, and a microphone.
  1. Sleep them.
  1. Isolate each of them with a thermotube (replaced with duct tape) – wrap with one or two layers, and heat with a hairdryer or another heat source.
  2. Put the ration space in a shrink for safety.

If you do not understand the first time (not the same number of wiring on the headset and plug, non-standard coloring), wash off the cables sequentially and check in practice. Use a tester.

Usually, the left channel leads a green cable to the right – red or blue, mass – yellow, golden, copper, the second common – copper with stripes. There is no single standard; every manufacturer is free in the color design of cables.

Less often, break off or fail the dynamics – need to be replaced – will have to disassemble a broken earpiece (-and) and plow emitters to preserve polarity. With vacuums, droplets, and liners, it is problematic without experience with soldering iron – you need accuracy and accuracy.

To disassemble the earbuds, push the knife’s blade between the parts of the case and slide to the sides. If it does not work out immediately, warm up the device – parts of the case can be connected to the glue, and the elevated temperature will soften the polymer.

Divide the parts gently; short cables connect them. If they are torn off – drink back.

Check the place of entry of the cable into the case – it is exposed to wear. It is advisable to cut the cable below and cut it to the speaker to prevent the nearest problems.

If the speakers have worked, fix the entry point with a drop of the thermoglue to prevent the violation of the ration place.


Connecting a dangling cable without soldering iron

Consider how to fix the headphones when the cable is broken without soldering iron – replace it with a shrink tube or duct tape. The solution is temporary, and the appearance of the device after repair will be bad.

  1. Cut out the site of the cliff – trim the cables along the length.
  2. Put a piece of shrinkage on top of the cord.
  3. Rinse or tie the cables according to the color.
  1. Isolate each contact with a piece of shrink tube.
  1. Put a piece of the thermotube in place of the wet and warm-up for tight slinging.

If you are lazy to run to the store for a thermotube, use tape or paint tape, as here.

The main problem with headphones is the violation of contacts in the place of ration or the transition of the cable to the plug or into the speaker case. They are being corrected at home. Pay attention to the condition of the metal mesh – often clogged with sulfur and dust. If the integrity of the membrane is violated, only the master in the service center will be saved if they are willing to pay for his work generously.

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