How to Fix Printer Error in Windows 10

How to Fix Printer Error in Windows 10

Problems with the printer are often difficult to fix. The printer can be in good condition from a hardware point of view, that is, without the pages stuck, properly configured, the toner is ready, the cartridges are full, etc., but it can still refuse to print.

Printing problems are mainly caused by software or OS issues. Although technology has improved over the years, printing technology has not made much progress. The old saying “Printers from Hell” is still true.


Why Is My Printer Not Working?

The printer can enter a state of error and refuse to exit, no matter what. The state of the error usually occurs when the printer has run out of paper, is disabled, or is preparing to be printed. These errors are obvious and easy to correct.

If the printer indicates that it is in a state of error, this is usually indicated by a yellow exclamation point on the printer icon in the notification area without informing the error. One can only guess what is wrong. Restarting the system or disabling and reconnecting the printer doesn’t solve much. Try the fixes listed below.


Change the port configuration.

Changing the way the port communicates with the printer can lead it out of error. Try to fix it even if you have a new printer model.

  • Open the device manager.
  • Go to View Hidden Devices.
  • Click the right button ports (COM and LPT).
  • In the context menu, select Properties.
  • Go to the Port Settings tab.
  • Include “Use any interruption assigned to the port.”
  • Turn on the outdated Plug and Play detection.
  • Click OK and close the window.
  • Reboot the printer and system.


Remove and reinstall the printer.

  • If the printer does not come out of the error state, remove it and reinstall it.
  • Open the Settings app with the Win
  • Choose printers and scanners.
  • Choose your printer and click “Delete.”
  • Turn off the printer and restart the system.
  • Plugin the printer, and it will be installed automatically.


Print from another app.

If the printer is constantly going into error when printing from a particular application, try printing from another. Print a simple text file from the Notebook. If it’s printed, the problem may be in the app you’re trying to type from.


Check the print queue manager’s service.

  • A print queue manager is needed if you want to print something. If it doesn’t work or stops periodically, your printer may go into error.
  • Tap a combination of Win’s R keys to open the launch window.
  • In the launch box, enter services.MSC and press Enter.
  • Find the print queue manager and click it with the right mouse button.
  • Open the Drop-a-Start Type list and set it automatically.
  • Click OK.
  • Reboot the system.


Set pending updates.

  • If you have an update waiting to be installed, they can cause problems with the printer.
  • Open the Settings app with the Win
  • Select the Windows Update Center tab.
  • Click To check for updates.
  • Install all available updates and restart the system.


Printer in error: conclusion

The aforementioned solutions will remove the printer from the error state, but if it continues to go into error after completing several printing jobs, consider replacing the cable you use to connect the printer to the system. Your printer’s hardware may fail. This can happen if you don’t perform regular maintenance because the toner is dry. Take it for review.

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