How to Connect Set Top Box To Laptop

How to Connect Set Top Box To Laptop

The main purpose of TV set-top boxes (STB) is to connect to TVs. However, the most appropriate solution will be to connect the set-top box to the computer or laptop monitor in some situations. It’s worth considering in more detail what it’s for and how to connect properly.


What is it for?

The advantage of the laptop is that it is more convenient to use in many cases, including when watching TV channels. It is a mobile technology that can be easily transported. The only drawback of the laptop is a small screen, which is not quite convenient to watch TV or movies.

It is in this case that the solution becomes a set-top box. It is worth noting that recently laptop manufacturers produce many models with a built-in T2 tuner, but they are mostly expensive.

The preferable option would be to purchase a laptop with the ability to connect the external T2.

The benefits of using a set-top box are obvious. It allows:

  • Display TV content on the monitor
  • Use your laptop as a recording device
  • Listen to the radio;
  • Put the viewing on pause.
  • Control the viewing time.

If desired, the user can transfer the recording of the film or transmission to other Internet resources, having previously processed the video. Today in stores you can buy a variety of consoles. Experienced experts recommend giving preference to combined types, with which you can get a signal from analog and digital channels.


How to connect

There are several ways to use a laptop with a SET-top box. However, none of the ways is possible without the device’s connection to the Internet. Therefore, you will need to provide access to the resource first. The first two connectivity options are based on Internet TV and cable.

  1. Internet TV. In this case, you will need to ensure the maximum connection speed. To start the broadcast, you need to find the channel you want and click on it.
  2. Cable instead of antenna. Some providers provide the ability to customize your laptop to view digital channels. To do this, you need to install an application, log in to the system and connect to home TV. The advantage of the method is that you can watch TV programs from any device with a screen.

The most popular and convenient way is to use a computer to play TV shows through an external T2 tuner.

Before setting up, the reception channels will need to install a special program recorded on the disc, which comes complete with the console.

To operate such a system, you will need to ensure that the TV and the laptop are connected properly. To do this, you need to install special drivers to allow the computer to connect with the tuner. It’s best to reboot your PC to save your PC changes. If all the steps are done correctly, the laptop’s desktop will be a shortcut for the set-top box. After that, you should connect the T2 tuner with a USB cable; then, the system will independently determine the algorithm of playing programs.


How to set up?

First of all, it is worth noting that the setting will need to be carried out for both laptop and TV. To begin with, it is worth considering the adjustment of the TV device.

Set up your TV

When the T2 tuner cord is connected to the TV, it is necessary:

  • Take a remote control.
  • Go to the main menu.
  • Switch to HDMI
  • Choose the source of the signal – it can be found in the “External Entrances” section, or enter yourself with the “Source” button located on the remote;
  • Make the HDMI connector with a connected cable a priority.

If you’ve successfully executed the settings, a laptop desktop will appear on the tv device screen.


Set up your PC

Set up your PC

Once the TV is set up, you can start adjusting the settings on your laptop. First of all, you can adjust the quality of the image. This is especially true if HDMI from your laptop displays the image on the TV for the first time. If you do not adjust the quality, the picture will be blurred.

You’ll need to set up:

  • Click the right button on the free space of the desktop;
  • Select the “Screen Resolution” section
  • Pick up the optimal picture quality by changing the parameters.

As you zoom in, you should see how much the image quality has improved or deteriorated. You can also choose to connect your laptop to your TV:

  • Duplication of the image
  • Expanding the workspace
  • Use the TV screen as a second monitor, where both devices work independently;
  • Only the TV screen is on.

When all the parameters are defined, the setting can be considered complete. The user can start watching TV programs.


Possible problems

In some cases, setting up devices may not produce the expected result. If you have a problem like this, it’s a good idea to press the Win-P key combination. As soon as the action is completed, a window will open through which it will adjust the quality of the picture and the parameters of display on the screen.

Sometimes the proposed recommendations do not help. Black stripes appear on the TV screen, or the image loses its clarity and is distorted. Then the cause of the problem may lie in the work of the graphics card.

The NVIDIA graphics card will be used as an example of optimizing basic settings. The user will need:

  • Open the drop-down menu with the right button.
  • Go to the “NVIDIA Control Panel”;
  • Choose the “Change of Destruction” feature
  • Choose the right display and open the settings
  • Include the “Create a Custom Resolution” command
  • set up the image for the big screen by selecting the best settings.

If the laptop has an ATI GPU, the instruction will have several differences due to the different execution of the interface. However, the algorithm of actions will not change.

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