How to Clean Your Headphones

How to Clean Your Headphones And Earbuds

The headphones are usually contaminated during the long process. It is ok. Street dust is clogged in the places of bonding and ear sulfur and does worsen the sound of models and the appearance. To keep the headphones in the form close to the pre-sale, it is necessary at least every two weeks to engage in preventive cleaning. Often the user worries that something might do wrong. In fact, there is no cause for concern – the process of restoring the appearance of headphones is simple and interesting.


How to clean your headphones and earbudsĀ 

Types of headphones

Types of headphones

Let’s start in order. Each type of headphones has its own pollution problems. But most of them in interchannel models. Dirt is clogged inside the channel, “grows” on the liners – and it’s just terrible. Here pollution can not only spoil the aesthetic look but also interfere with the proper reproduction of music.

The least affected by closed and overhead headphones. Such careful care of them, unlike intra-channel, will not be required. But no one canceled the clogging of foam pads, which are more used in overhead headphones. Dust and dirt remain inside the fabric base, which to a small extent harms the headphones, but more – human health.


Cleaning products

What will it take to get started? First, isopropyl (wipe) alcohol. Alcohol disinfects the body of the headphones and will eliminate dirt. The hydrogen peroxide applied to the cotton wool will also help with the sulfur. Everyone has everything else to prepare: toothpicks, cotton buds, a toothbrush, a soft piece of cloth, or a napkin. So let’s get going.


Cleaning intra-channel headphones

Before you start, unplug the headphone jacks and wipe them with a napkin slightly soaked in peroxide. If the dirt in hard-to-reach places remained, it is worth applying a toothbrush. However, it should not zealously polish the lining, as you can spoil the material. For confidence, you can walk again. Then we move on to the grid that closes the earpiece channel. If you can pull out the grid (it is worth making sure that it is removable), use a needle or tweezer. After removing the mesh, should put it in alcohol, poured it into a small container. If you still can not get it, then dip the earpiece so that only the lower border came into contact with the solution. To disinfect the case (if you clean, then all), you need to walk on it, drunk cotton bud, or a piece of cloth without lint.

The most famous headphones, the mesh of which is not removed, are The EarPods from Apple, the example of which you can disassemble the cleaning process. In the beginning, remove the contamination from the mesh with a toothpick, making sure that the mesh is not squeezed and dirt does not get inside. For some, it is convenient to use a toothbrush. By the way, neither a toothpick nor a toothbrush can be wet. And the rest is standard; wipe the wires and body with alcohol (make sure that it does not get inside) and leave it to dry. By the way, to protect EarPods from contamination, there are special silicone nozzles, minimizing the ability to smear headphones.


Cleaning overhead and closed headphones

Often, these types of headphones have foam inserts (linings) on the inside of the cup. They can never be wet, as foam (concerning overhead models) can lose shape under the influence of moisture. The lining is best cleaned with a roller for clothing or a vacuum cleaner with a special narrow nozzle. With earbuds in closed headphones, things are simpler. Made from leather or skin substitute, they quickly take the initial look after rubbing with a damp cloth. For cleaning velour earbuds will be suitable cotton, soaked in alcohol or vinegar (need a solution of low concentration).


What to avoid

There are often tips to wash headphones or rinse in water using a brush for cleaning on the Internet. Such methods are questionable, as any device of this kind is prohibited from urinating inside. It is still advisable to refrain from disassembling the headphones before cleaning. If the confidence that the headphones will be assembled correctly will be objective, it can be done.

And finally, one piece of advice. Before you clean the headphones, it is worth checking the information on the care of the model on the manufacturer’s website. Some companies recommend the use of certain solutions or care products. Start cleaning!

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