How do I stop my earphones from getting tangled

How Do I Stop My Earphones From Getting Tangled

Despite the development of technology and the advent of wireless Bluetooth headphones, Sony or Xiaomi, etc., most music fans prefer wired models of stereo headsets. They have many advantages, but during use quickly turn into a shapeless tangle of wires, which takes a lot of time to unravel. To prevent this from happening, you need to learn how to tie the headphones so that they can be used at any time and extend the duration of their “life.” Here are 7 ways to stack a wired headset with step-by-step instructions.


7 Ways to Fold Headphones, So They Don’t Get Confused

Now invented many ways that solve the problem of tangled wires, but only a small number of life hacks are simple and effective. To fold a wired audio headset, you can use any improvised materials and accessories from mobile equipment manufacturers.

Collapse the headphones “eight.”

“Eight” is an easy and quick way to wind-wired headphones. To do this, you need to act the following step-by-step instruction by doing each step:

  1. Fold from the index finger and little finger the figure of the “goat,” which is often shown at concerts of rock bands.
  2. The speakers clamp with two fingers, as shown in the photo.
  3. Wrap the cord around the little finger on the outside and the index – from the back. It’s going to be an eight. Wrap the wire; this way, you need until there is a piece of the length of 80-100 mm.
  4. The resulting “eight” twist in the middle with a few turns of the wire.
  5. The plug must be slipped into the reverse of the speaker’s loop.

If you tie a wired audio headset in such a neat way, you can easily carry it in your pocket without fear that the wires will get tangled, and if necessary, it will quickly unwind.


Wrap headphones on your phone or player

Another easy way to prevent a cord from getting tangled is to wrap it around an MP3 player, Samsung phone, or another model. All you need to do is plug in the plugin, the audio, and the cord itself to twist around the device. This option is suitable if the headset with the phone or player needs to be hidden in your pocket for a couple of hours because the wire will quickly loosen up during prolonged storage.


Wired headset organizer

The stores offer a large number of different organizers for storing wired headphones. They are easy to use, and some models have special clothespins for attaching wires to clothing. Often the cord of the stereo headset is very long, which creates inconvenience. In this case, it can be made shorter, winding around the organizer and leaving only the necessary length, comfortable to use, and the ends to fix in the slots.


Use a special clamp

Manufacturers of accessories for computers and mobile gadgets offer a special device for the wired audio headset. Unlike iPhone or JBL, it doesn’t have a fixer, and it looks more like a fashion accessory than a functional device. To make wired headphones not entangled in your pocket, you need to fold them in any way, put them in a holder, and fix them, as shown in the picture below. By the way, such an accessory can be easily made with your own hands.


Fold the headset into a bag.

The easiest way to make wired audio headsets not get tangled up is to use a case. Its design is simple but effective. The case is a small bag of leather or rubber with a zipper sewn. Having bought off the headphones and putting them in a kind of purse, you can forget about the tangled wires, spent nerves on their promotion, and that they can break. The case can be put in a pocket or bag or fastened to a belt, depending on the accessory’s design. This bag is easy to make with a variety of materials.


Kinder Surprise Case

The original lifehack to store wired headphones – use a plastic case from the children’s toy “Kinder Surprise.” The headset cord needs to be collected several times around three fingers and packed a “twist” in a make-up cocoon. This is an effective and inexpensive way to store stereo headphones, as in such a box, they are protected from dirt, dust, moisture, and mechanical damage. This homemade case, of course, is not as cool as a wireless iPhone headset, but if you want, it can be used to your liking.

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