How do I connect wireless headphones to my phone

How Do I Connect Wireless Headphones To My Phone?

Not sure how to connect wireless headphones to your phone, or maybe a problem arose later when using? Dr.Head will help you understand everything because the process is not much more complicated than connecting wired headphones!

There are several types of wireless connection, but for headphones (and portable speakers) today, only Bluetooth connection is relevant, so we will talk about how to connect Bluetooth headphones/headset to the phone (smartphone or tablet).

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Connecting wireless headphones to your phone

  1. Please turn on the headphones / pair them.
  2. Open Bluetooth settings on your smartphone, turn on Bluetooth
  3. Select plug-in headphones from the list and click on them to connect

This is a general connection scheme that is suitable for the vast majority of cases (both for gadgets with Android and iOS), and yet, different headphones hundreds or even thousands, every possible trifle / distinguishing feature to mention will not work, so the user manual/information from the manufacturer specifically on your model – this is the best that can be recommended.

If you don’t have the instructions handy, try to find it on the manufacturer’s website or the search query “brand and model of headphones and headphones.

Let’s take a closer look at this short diagram and look at some of the problems that may arise when you connect to a wireless headset or acoustics (for simplicity, we’ll say “headphones”).


First Connection/Pairing (Pairing)

Could you turn on the headphones / pair them?

  • Press or press the turn-on button for a couple of seconds. This can be an ON/OFF button, a play button, or a light-display button.
  • If you have fully wireless headphones, you usually need to put them in the charging case for a few seconds and then remove them. Another common option for TWS headphones is to press the main button/sensor on the main or both headphones for a few seconds.
  • The buttons may not be on; for example, Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3 is turned on automatically as soon as you open them out of a folded state.
  • If the headphones are not turned on, try charging them; for some models, this is a mandatory requirement before the first turn on. It can take between one and several hours to fully charge, depending on the model.
  • After the first turn on, some headphones automatically go into pairing mode, usually accompanied by a light display (most often a flicker of blue) and/or voice hints (Pairing).
  • If this doesn’t happen, you’ll need to initiate the pairing manually: press the dedicated Bluetooth pairing button on your headphones or a diagram specific to your model. The same buttons often run pairing mode as on/off. Headphones need to clamp them not for a second or two, but 3-8 seconds.


Open Bluetooth settings on your smartphone, turn on Bluetooth

  • To quickly access Bluetooth settings, open the blind with a swipe from above or below the screen (depending on your device) and pinch the Bluetooth icon.
  • A single tap on the icon turns/off Bluetooth.


Your phone will search for available devices, select plug-in headphones from the list and click on them to connect.

  • If your headphones don’t appear on the list, try updating your devices, turning off/turning on Bluetooth on your phone, and/or restarting the pairing process on your headphones.
  • Some headphones can initiate the connection themselves after the search, and it will be enough to press the connection/air button in a pop-up message on the phone screen.
  • Some phones may request a PIN input; try the standard “0000” or the code listed in the user manual.

If both connected devices support NFC technology, instead of the described process, you will only need to attach the headphones on or their charging case to the phone in the area with the NFC sensor, and the device will offer to connect.

Apple devices don’t support NFC, but today’s AirPods and Beats can automatically connect if you open the cover of the charging case next to the iOS device.



When the pair is already in place, reconnecting in most cases is automatic; just turn on the headphones when Bluetooth is turned on the phone.


Solving problems with connecting headphones to your phone

If the headphones (or one of the True Wireless headphones) are no longer connected to your phone, try the following standard steps or see the methods proposed in the instructions for your model:

  • Make sure the headphones are charged
  • Reboot Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Reboot your headphones (off/on).
  • Reboot your phone.
  • Cancel the pairing on your phone (Unpair in headphone settings, inside the Bluetooth menu on your phone) and swipe it again.
  • Reset your headphones to Factory Settings (Hard Reset) – if the headphones have such a function, they should be listed in the user’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

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