Defects for Bluetooth Speakers

5 Defects for Bluetooth Speakers And Solution

In this article, I collect various issues related to Bluetooth speakers. There are also solutions to this if there is a solution. I hope this will help you because I get many emails and unfortunately can’t answer them all or I lack time to help the visitors by e-mail.

Info: For some defects, there are only obvious guesses! If you open a loudspeaker, there is a risk of defects or electric shocks! Always disconnect from the current beforehand! When you open a speaker, you act at your own risk!


Bluetooth Speaker Problems and Solutions

1.Bluetooth speaker goes out

If a Bluetooth speaker suddenly goes out, then a battery defect is likely, or the battery may be old. If this happens with an older speaker, then a battery replacement should be considered.


2.Bluetooth speaker is too quiet

The volume of a Bluetooth speaker is usually also related to the size. From experience, I can say that more volume is usually possible with increasing body size/driver size. A Flip 5 will always be quieter than a JBL Xtreme 2. We control the volume via the buttons on the speaker (if available) or via the smartphone itself. Usually, the volume is synchronized with the mobile phone! Also, keep in mind that many phones have a volume limit or warning, which you have to deactivate to set the volume control of the mobile phone to maximum volume. With my XIAOMI Redmi Note 9s(test), this is .B. so.


3.Bluetooth speaker, voice/sound is chopped off

Some models have installed bad D/A converters, which is especially noticeable in audiobooks, so sentence beginnings are chopped off. I’ve never seen this in branded models before, but with very inexpensive China models. I have already written a separate article on this.


4.I’m looking for a suitable speaker?

I regularly test new models and have also created a comparison database for you. Here are the links to it.


5.The Bluetooth speaker is rushing!

When a Bluetooth speaker is rustling, it is important to check whether the noise comes from the sound source. Is the noise there for every song/video? If not, it’s probably because of the video/song. If it is not the sound source, then the D/A converter is probably not so good qualitatively. Noise, however, could also be caused by a bad connection. So go close to the speaker with your smartphone for testing.


6.I don’t get a connection to the Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers must be put into pairing mode (pairing) and then connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Once this is done, the smartphone automatically connects when the Bluetooth speaker is switched on. If this no longer works for any reason, then it is recommended to perform the reset process (see the speaker’s instructions), delete the speaker in the mobile phone’s Bluetooth settings, and then perform the pairing process/pairing completely from the front. We should be close to the loudspeaker!


7.Bluetooth speaker stops responding

Can’t turn on the Bluetooth speaker anymore? The first thing I would do is power it with a USB cable. Is he going now? If so, the battery is probably defective. The battery replacement is unfortunately not trivial and requires craftsmanship and tools. Also, the loudspeaker can be damaged if the treatment is inappropriate. Opening speakers at your own risk!


8.Bluetooth speaker doesn’t last long?

Mobile Bluetooth speakers have batteries installed and are subject to an aging process. A 5-year-old battery will no longer reach the same running time as a brand new one. Older loudspeakers, therefore, no longer reach the running times as they were then in a new state. A battery replacement can solve this problem. Replacing batteries is no longer so easy nowadays, however, because rarely there is simply a “flap” with plug. In the meantime, with a few exceptions, everything is glued or clamped with hidden plastic pins.

I once disassembled a model to demonstrate this: repair, open, replace battery Bluetooth speakers.


9.Bluetooth Speaker – Connection aborts

If the connection breaks or has dropouts, then the distance to the smartphone is usually too high. It is often stated that the range is 10-15 meters. But this is the crow flies or under optimal conditions. In practice, there are walls and other sources of interference. In my experience, however, everything always works without problems in the same room. Outdoors, the range is then greater (No house walls).


10 Bluetooth speaker Video sound is out of sync

It is possible for Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth speakers that the sound is out of sync with the video being played. For example, if we play a Youtube video and let the sound run over the loudspeaker, then it can be that the sound is not lip-synchrony. This is due to the latency, which is extremely low for models with aptX, and then the tone is lip-synchronous again.

What is aptX – Use and technology for Bluetooth speakers?

But there are also models without aptX that are lip synchrony, so it doesn’t mean that all models without aptX are automatically asynchrony!


11.The sound is not good

You don’t like the sound? The sound is too dull or similar? First of all, it should be said that many small loudspeakers can be turned up very loudly, but the bass is no longer coming along. Also, the sound often begins to distort. From my experience, such a phenomenon very often occurs from 80% volume, no matter what size. This is simply because the body/driver for high volumes must be larger. The sound is also determined by the quality of the drivers and the tuning. An expensive JBL Xtreme 2 will always sound better than a 40€ model from China. The Xtreme 2 also costs 6 times as much and is much larger. This should always be taken into account.

However, if we do not like certain frequency ranges, e.B. too high, we can adjust these frequencies with an equalizer and adjust problems somewhat.


Reading tip: 

Improve the sound of a Bluetooth speaker with an equalizer – Apps with Equalizer.

However, there are also a few models with integrated equalizer control buttons. For example, the following marshall models:

I hope you can continue this list. I am pleased to have any meaningful comments; thank you.

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