Ways To Connect to Two Bluetooth Speakers

How to Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers To One Phone

In this article, I once looked at how to connect two Bluetooth speakers. Both speakers play the same sound. You could also say I wanted to connect two Bluetooth speakers at the same time to my smartphone. In total, there are three different solutions for this.

As far as I know, it is not possible to connect a smartphone to two Bluetooth speakers and then play music on both at the same time.

Info: There is the so-called multi pairing, but only one device on a loudspeaker can play music at a time. In the so-called multi pairing, two devices are connected to the loudspeaker. For example, with a tablet and a smartphone. Then you can alternate music, but only from one device!


3 Ways To Connect to Two Bluetooth Speakers

With a Bluetooth adapter

With a Bluetooth adapter

Connect two Bluetooth speakers to your smartphone. With a so-called Bluetooth transmitter, the sound can be sent from the smartphone to several devices. However, not all transmitters support two devices, so it is important to study the product description carefully. The smartphone is connected to the transmitter by cable, and then the transmitter is connected to both speakers. In my video, which follows later, I use the Taotronics TT BA09 Bluetooth transmitter.

Info: Essential. Beforehand, remove all Bluetooth connections of the speakers you want to connect to the transmitter from your smartphone. Otherwise, the connection to the transmitter may not work because the speaker automatically connects to the smartphone instead of the transmitter!

per contra

  • No cables.
  • The transmitter can also be used in other ways.
  • More expensive than the cable solution.
  • Delay possible (for different models). See video.
  • No real stereo


Connection via AUX connection with jack cable and audio splitter

There are so-called audio fragments. These allow you to connect multiple output sources to a device. There are double audio splitters but also splitters that allow up to five devices. In my example, I used a double audio splitter. If you are interested in the five-fold splitter, you can find it here: Ads.

Smartphone with the audio splitter and two speakers

In the picture, we see my smartphone to which I have connected a double audio splitter. I then connected both Bluetooth speakers to the smartphone via this one.

Info: For this solution, both speakers must have an AUX connector (3.5 mm jack)!

  • AUX connector
  • AUX connection with cable
  • Audio Splitter Ads


The easiest way to go directly through the manufacturer’s app

Connection via AUX connection with jack cable and audio splitter

As I mentioned earlier, there is a third way to connect Bluetooth speakers. Some manufacturers offer apps for the speaker, making it possible to connect two or even more speakers to each other. So far, I’ve tested Bluetooth speakers from a few manufacturers where it was straightforward to connect two or more speakers. These were JBLSony, Beats Electronics/Beats by Dr. Dre, and ultimate ears (Logitech). It should be noted that not every model of these manufacturers can be connected to another.

I have successfully tested the following:

  • The JBL Charge 3 could be easily connected to the JBL Xtreme. The other way around, of course.
  • The Ultimate Ears Boom 2 could be connected to the Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM. The other way around, too. Up to 150 loudspeakers possible.
  • The WONDERBOOM was successfully connected to a second WONDERBOOM. More than two do not go.
  • The SONY SRS XB10 in the test – Stereo, NFC, and more – Test series: Four Mini Bluetooth speakers in the test, part 3: Small speaker, can be connected to a second one without an app.
  • DOSS SoundBox Pro in the test – Bluetooth speaker with SD card slot and LED lighting: Can be connected to a second model without the app.

Info: Detailed information can be found in the respective test reports. The list is not complete, and I always mention whether stereo/party mode is possible in each new review.

At Ultimate Ears, it was. B possible to combine the small and the big mega boom. However, the Wonderboom was not connected at the time of my test. All apps I’ve tested so far only allow a connection to the manufacturer’s speakers. For example, you cannot connect a JBL speaker to a Sony speaker via the JBL app. If you want to connect loudspeakers via the apps, you should ideally buy two identical models. This also guarantees that the sound is harmonious. If you have a large speaker on the left and a small speaker on the right, the sound may become inharmonious. If you use the manufacturers’ app, it is also ensured that the sound stays in sync.


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