• Product Simulation platform to be used for design validation and iteration during the product development life cycle of electrical and home appliances
  • AI in Content curation for Digital and Broadcast companies with ability to –
    • Generate subtitles from the video’s audio content, have option to select different fonts, style etc.. And cover both transcription and translation of the content
    • Automatically identify offensive or unacceptable content using OCR/AI based on different geo guidelines/rules and mask it


  • Apps Related to Vehicles
  • Performance Analyzing
  • Technology for Minimizing Battery cost & Improving battery efficiency.
  • Augmentation of Vehicles.
  • Charging stations and devices.
Selection of Winners will be done by Jury.
Prize upto Rs. 10Lakhs For the Winners.
  • Counting of different types of small footwear components:

    Counting of different types of small footwear components Our manufacturing process involves processing several small components of synthetic leather. We count these different components at various stages. Humanely it is impossible to count tens of thousands of components accurately. Hence we are looking for a solution, which can count components of varied shapes and thickness (0.5 mm to 4mm)

  • Packing Automation in a high variety conveyor line:

    Packing Automation in a high variety conveyor line Over 8 varieties (different colour, design, gender etc) of footwear, with 5 sizes each variety, can come in the conveyor. Packing materials can also vary in dimensions according to size. We need to pack them in small carton and paste barcode label (in carton) automatically. In short, we are looking for complete automation of our production line.

  • Data Integration and Visibility - From different Softwares to a common platform:

    Data Integration and Visibility - From Different Softwares to a common platform Data is available in various formats in various softwares. Real time fetching of data from different softwares and integrating them for improving visibility in executing day to day activities. eg- Order given by the customer should be immediately visible to Production unit , along with other relevant data like production, sales, stock etc

  • Planogram creation & compliance is a big bane for large retailers. Future Group operates a 1000 supermarkets like Nilgiris & Easy day. Planogram changes zone wise & district wise every fortnight. It is difficult to verify whether the standard template has been implemented or not since the scale here is 10’s of 100’s of stores. We are exploring frugal Computer vision based AI solution which can help in creating standard planogram & also monitor compliance using CCTV. ‘ Economical ‘ is the key word here since retail as a business has only 3% margin.
  • Future Group is also one of the premiere fashion retailers in India with it’s own brands such as Buffalo, aLL, Bare Denim, etc. We also have a decent online presence in the form of Koovs, Mineral, fbb, coverstory, Brandfactory, aLL, etc. We are living in the age of fast fashion where 6 months is too long for the trend to fizzle out. Our current setup takes over 6 months to get new designs to the market. We are brainstorming AI based solution which can simply create new designs in the form of finished products as Images based on the latest trends using social media & data from our e-fashion platforms. Then our designers can vet & choose the one’s which is worth manufacturing & send the details to warehouse. The idea here is to bring down the manufacturing time of apparels with new designs to under a month to up to 45 days.
  • Cash counters in retail stores are prone to tampering. Quite often aggregated cash is stolen. CCTVs offer some protection but culprits switch off the power supply & are able to get through the security layer. This happens mostly at night during late hours. We are exploring out of the box solutions such as IOT to address this challenge.

In rental companies we are trusting our process asset with the public, One of the biggest issue is realtime authentic user verification through government ID proof.

We want a solution to this problem with a AI Powered Real-time verification Solution which will help companies to onboard and verify users & companies instantly, by using a combination of core AI & computer vision algorithms to do the same.

SEP 27-28, 2019